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Amber Mountain Bengals - Exotic Big Cat Looks, Small Cat Temperament
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Since 2007, Amber Mountain Bengals are registered with NZCF (The New Zealand Cat Fancy Association) and has imported the very best foundation breeders from top Australian/English/ and now Canadian lines for its unique Breeding programmes.

Leading the way in rare and exotic coat colours, whilst maintaining exceptionally high standards in pattern and over all quality I am delighted we are now breeding for; brown, silver, snow and blue Bengals. Unlike others with limited gene pools in their lines Amber Mountain Bengals are combining completely unrelated lines to produce astounding cats.

The temperament and health of Amber Mountain Bengals is paramount - with specific interests being wild head type and sound body conformation, long thick tails, wild-looking puffy whisker pads, and a soft, smooth glittered pelts and white highly spotted tummies.

.Puffy whisker pads. 


.White tummies

It is also desirable that the underside of the cat should be lighter coloured, like the 'white tummies' of Asian Leopard Cats. A Bengal cat's 'whited tummy' should always be spotted, unlike the bright white paws and chest bib found in domestic tabby cats.
Amber Mountain Bengals are healthy, happy, travel, child, and dog orientated, loving, confident, and well-adjusted before they leave our care. We provide ongoing advice and support to all our Bengal kitten owners. All enquiries for more information and availability of our kittens and cats are most welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit to this site.
Located in Matamata, New Zealand, it is possible to freight both nationally and internationally.

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Judy Thompson
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New Zealand
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