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Amber Mountain Bengals - Exotic Big Cat Looks, Small Cat Temperament

Current Kittens Available
Please check on trade me for current litters
or contact Judy for reserving a kitten from future litters


Kitten Care
Please check the kitten care page for information about caring for your Bengal Kitten.
Beware some Kittens may Come with loads of energy and character.

The Fuzzies
Bengal kittens are born exhibiting bright colour and markings only to fade at about 8-12 weeks, then return to splendid colour from 5 months to maturity this is called the fuzzies. Unfortunately the fuzzies occur just when they are ready to go so you sometimes have to wait to really be able to impress you friends. Trust me it will be worth the wait.

Teacup Bengals
Teacup Bengals carry a dwarf gene and never grow bigger than a kitten.

Patterns and Colours Change

Snow Lynx Colour Change  

Snow Lynx at birth are snow white with the faintest of markings Snow Lynx (Snagglepuss’s baby) at thirteen weeks ready to go - markings darkening and rosettes appearing Snow Lynx All grown up Artic Bear (Snowbells dad),  note the pattern darkens and contrasts at about two years of age


 Snow Mink Colour Change

Snow Mink Orion at birth was cream with pinkish spots Snow Mink Snowbell 6 weeks (turquoise eyes) spots darkern considerably as they mature Snow Mink Snowbell all grown up pattern and colours vary a lot in snows with various shades of cream base colours and apricot to brown markings, sprinkled in diamond dust they shimmer in the sun


Past Amber Mountain Cubs


Terms of Trade:

A 50% non refundable deposit must be received prior to confirmation of any kitten being able to be reserved. This deposit is transferable and/or refundable, at the owners discretion in the event anything happens to a reserved kitten prior to it being ready for going to its new home. Our kittens are vet checked, microchipped, flead, wormed, vaccinated, come with a free insurance policy offer and ongoing advice and support to ensure lifetime care of its kittens. All kittens must receive a clean bill of health from our vets, whom specialize in small animal care, prior to going to their new homes. Full payment is required upon notification that the kitten is ready for going to its new home. Any kittens required to be freighted are done so as the purchasers risk and cost. The ownership of any kitten is conditional on purchasers ensuring all kittens receive timley adequate care and attention for life - including regular vaccinations and medical care, in the event of an owner failing to provide proper care the ownership shall revert to Amber Mountin Bengals. All purchasers are required to notify the breeder if for any reason an Amber Mountain kitten's ownership changes or kitten requires rehoming. Amber Mountain Bengals can be returned for rehoming and we will assist in rehoming at no cost to the owner, however no refunds will be given for kittens that are returned for rehoming.