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Amber Mountain Bengals - Exotic Big Cat Looks, Small Cat Temperament


Stud Boy Exoticatz Ch. Orion’s Spell (Imp. Aus)

Coat colour: Snow mink
Pattern: spotted all the way
Eyes: vibrant blue

Talk about big cat looks with small cat temperament Orion is a majestic, great ball of muscle - with a truly wild look. Orion is exactly what the Bengal should be a big softy who dearly loves cuddles and beds but has a wild look that makes you stand back in awe when you first see him. Although he doesn't like talking to strangers, you will never find a stud boy with a better temperament. Amazing definition and astounding blue eyes this is a cat we are truly proud of thanks so much Lisa for letting us have him for our breeding programme he is giving us the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. The unique gene pool behind Orion means he is a Bengal master artist he paints babies in Brown, babies in Snow Lynx, babies in Snow Mink, babies in Silver, and   if we are really lucky babies in Blue…. with a little help from his girls of course.

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